Эпоксидная доска опасна?

Epoxy resin board is also called insulation board, epoxy board and 3240 epoxy board, characterized by strong adhesion and shrinkage.
Epoxy resin is a kind of organic macromolecule compound with two or more epoxy groups in its molecule. Except for some, its relative molecular weight is not high. The molecular structure of epoxy resin is characterized by the active epoxy group in the molecular chain, which can be located at the end, middle or ring-like structure of the molecular chain. Because of the active epoxy group in the molecular structure, they can react with many kinds of curing agents to form insoluble and immiscible polymer with three-way network structure.
Characteristics of epoxy resin board
It has strong adhesion, shrinkage, mechanical property, electrical property, chemical stability, dimensional stability and mildew resistance.
Taking the SDS of an epoxy resin board as an example, the main components and hazards are analyzed
Product Name: epoxy resin board
Application: embedded material.
Main ingredient information:
% by weight
Silicon dioxide
60% - 85%
epoxy resin
15% - 35%
< 2%
Silica (CAS: 7631-86-9)
Silicon dioxide is an important component of glass, quartz glass, water glass, optical fiber, electronic industry, optical instruments, handicrafts and refractory materials, and an important material for scientific research.
epoxy resin
At present, the classification of epoxy resin has not been unified, generally according to the strength, heat-resistant grade and characteristics. There are 16 main types of epoxy resin, including general adhesive, structural adhesive, high temperature resistant adhesive, low temperature resistant adhesive, adhesive for water and wet surfaces, conductive adhesive, optical adhesive, spot welding adhesive, epoxy resin film, foam adhesive, strain adhesive, adhesive for soft materials, sealant, special adhesive 16 kinds of latent curing adhesives and civil construction adhesives.
GHS classification information:
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Silica (CAS: 7631-86-9):
Hazard category
Hazard code
Hazard category
Hazard code
Ingredients that affect product classification:
There is no hazardous substance in GHS classification in this product, so this product has no hazard classification